Zombies, zombies, zombies

Among what seems to be a million zombie films emerging in the recent years (it seems that 80% of all zombie films have been made after the year 2000) I have seen only a couple and liked even less. However, I must say I’m always hoping for something decent to come out of that genre, and these caught my eye for some reason:

The Walking Dead

A TV series created by Frank Darabont based on a comic book (which I haven’t read). The trailer is packed with zombie cliches (starting with the main character waking up in the hospital to find the world in a state of zombie apocalypse) but still it somehow manages to look interesting and engaging. I guess it deserves a shot.

Juan of the Dead

It seems that the zombie fever has reached Cuba. And only Juan can save them now. A slacker but an entrepreneur, Juan  sets up a business to help his people get rid of zombies. Both teasers for this Cuban comedy look like awesome zombie fun.

The Goon

This is also based on a comic which does not deal exclusively with zombies but with all kinds of paranormal stuff (there are zombies in it so it counts). I have read a couple of these and they are fairly entertaining. Basically, I just want to see whether the movie will end up entertaining as well.

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