A guide to wasting time online: Nostalgia Critic

Hellooooo, this is the nostalgia critic, one of my favorite movie-related websites. I was introduced to it just recently by my cousin Vedran (which is kind of weird seeing how I just recently introduced him to gmail!).  Nostalgia Critic is one of several characters created by Doug Walker, and while all of them are somehow related to movies, Critic is the only one I find amusing. Yes, some of the time he is over the top and borderline annoying and that did not sit well with me the first time I watched him. But I forced myself to watch some more and I found a couple of reviews that are downright hilarious and incredibly perceptive. He knows his way around his material: movies and TV (mostly ’80s and ’90s trash/classic, and Disney); and his taste has some similarities to mine. To sum up, not all of the videos are that great and you might have to watch a couple before you find the ones that are, but once you do find them they are worth the effort.

Some of my favorites:

Batman and Robin

Top 11 Disney Villains

Star Wars Christmas

Top 11 Coolest Cliches


Full House

Willy Wonka Vs Charlie


Good Son

Everything with Arnold (CommandoJuniorJingle All the Way…)

Top 11 Most Awkward Christopher Walken Moments

The list goes on…

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