The James Franco spiral of awesome and crazy

I haven’t seen Freaks and Geeks (yet!) so my first encounter with James Franco was as Harry Osbourne in Spiderman. Even then, I haven’t really noticed him and I continued not noticing him (apart from Spiderman 2 & 3) until I saw Pineapple Express two years ago. That movie was hilarious and Franco made me laugh every time he was on. From that moment on I started noticing James Franco, and with each new thing he did I liked him better. And I’m not talking movies. Here are several awesome (or crazy, depends on your point of view) things on James Franco’s curriculum:

He simultaneously attended graduate school at 4 different universities. He is working on a doctorate in literature at Yale and attending Rhode Island School of Design.

He is apparently also an artist, and recently had an exibition in NY.

He appeared in 41 (Fourty one!!! That is not a cameo) episodes of General Hospital, the longest running American soap opera (it started back in 1963 and it’s still running). This would not be so weird except these episodes are from 2009/10 period.

He somehow managed to find time to star in a movie about Allen Ginsberg titled Howl and in Danny Boyle’s academy award fodder 127 Hours, and appear in Eat, Prey, Love; Date Night; and several other things I’ve never heard of. Also, he has Rise of the Apes and a couple more projects coming out next year. How? Did he clone himself?

He appeared on 30 Rock as himself. Nothing weird there. Apart from the fact he is in love with an anime body pillow named Kimiko:

He appeared on the cover of a transvestite magazine Candy, cross-dressed, of course:

James Franco is what a mainstream celebrity today ought to be. He’s got style many A-listers lack and dares to push the boundaries just the right amount to make people stop and wonder. And he manages to stay unpretentious while doing it. He’s funny, smart and chicks dig him, hell, I think he’s good-looking, too. Could he be the Johnny Depp of the future? He might, as long as he stays away from stuff like Eat,Pray,Love (umm, actually Johnny was in Chocolat, which is the exact same movie: involves food, bland romance and is mind-numbingly boring.). Anyway, I have high hopes for this guy.

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