Upcoming Movies I Might Consider Watching … pt1

There is a sea of crap that spills out of Hollywood onto our big screens every single year. Thus, not so long ago, I decided to cross the cinema off my list of things I spend my money on. There was no way I’m giving my money to Michael Bay so he can make more giant racist robots movies or to whoever it is that made those 17 Saw movies so he can make another 17 of them. However, as any other bad habit, this one is also difficult to kick. So, I ended up just substantially cutting down on the number of movies I see. I now spend my money only on movies that really catch my attention for some reason or another. Movies like the upcoming:

Tron Legacy

It is a sequel to Tron, it is scored by Daft Punk… That’s it, that’s my argument. That there is the perfect combination. And it isn’t like they didn’t know that. Half the marketing campaign of this movie rested on Daft Punk. It might suck, I might leave the theater dissapointed, but I’m seeing it and that’s that.

127 Hours

Danny Boyle’s new movie based on the true story of Aron Ralston, a mountain climber who became trapped under a boulder and had to cut off his hand with a dull knife. How uplifting. It stars James Franco, and most of the movie seems to be just his face talking at the camera. It also has “Give me an Oscar” written all over it so I’m not entirely sure if I’m going to see in or not, but I do like James Franco and I am interested how this movie will play out.

True Grit

Another movie gunning for Oscars, this Coens’ remake of the 1969 John Wayne movie stars Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and Josh Brolin. Me wanting to see this movie is mostly based on the fact that I like the Coen brothers. I like pretty much all of their movies. The Big Lebowsky is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen and A Serious Man is definitely THE most depressing movie I have ever seen. Fargo, Oh Brother…, No Country for Old Men, even Burn After Reading; funny, chilling or depressing, they are all on my “good” list (not The Ladykillers though).

Oh, and the trailer looks really nice:

Wow, so much grit…

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