Hugh Jackman Yelling at Some Robots

Hugh Jackman and robots!? … Don’t get your hopes up, it’s not an awesome Wolverine sequel. It is actually the upcoming feature film, Real Steel, where Hugh Jackman plays a washed-up fighter who gets a chance at a comeback by being a coach to a robot. So it’s just like Million Dollar Baby except with robots and brain damage. Let’s watch the trailer:

Is it just me, or is this trailer taking itself waaaay too seriously? I mean this is basically a movie adaptation of the Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots toy.

The only thing missing is a Wolverine action figure to cheer them on.

And the really sad news? There are actually plans to make an official Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots movie. Granted, “robots fighting” is really not such a bad idea. It is a scientific fact (which I just made up) that 90% of the internet people loves robots, while the other (smarter) 10 % fears them. So the real question to be asked here is: why do all these movies suck so hard?

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